Friday, 29 January 2010

Merry Kissmas!

Better late than never but here it is. My Christmas card for 2009 - Merry (oh so slightly belated) Christmas y'all!


The last World War Two song illustration I'm going to post...promise!

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

What would a book with World War Two songs be without Andrew Sisters - so here they is!

They Can't Blackout The Moon

Another WW2 song I illustrated for my Masters Degree

I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask

Another illustrated song from the Blitz era. This was to coincide with the lyrics

The lady living next door, Mrs. `icks
She heard the sirens blow one morn at ten to six She dashed outside in nothing but her nicks But she knew what to do with her gas mask


The Sun Has Got His Hat On

An illustration for the song "The Sun Has Got His Hat On". Part of my Songs of the Blitz series of illustrations. Inspired by old cartoon's of the 1930's ^__^

A brand new blog!

To start of my new life as a "doley" I have decided to start a brand new blog and dedicate myself to posting regularly unlike I did with my last blog. So fingers crossed and all that!